Greetings and welcome to this 21st century living miracle that is a…blog. Well, that is what it is and let it be known that the writer doesn’t claim otherwise.

This blog dwells on books, philosophy, music, history, languages, culture and such wholesome things that apparently make it all worth it. It is a documentation of learning about this complex and somewhat enjoyable world, one slow bite at a time. There is an aspiration to chew well, considering the elements that one is consuming and the time and energy it took for them to come forth into being.

The main motivation is a search for things that move the spirit and stick in memory. However, it takes time and a lot of searching to find things that are truly good. So on occasion, in order to fight cynicism, disillusionment and alienation, there is also an examination of arbitrary systems and rules that humans have constructed to make daily life more interesting like…grammar or musical notes.

Posts will be in English and Japanese. Note that the writer is a learner of the Japanese language, so if anything, the Japanese probably sounds like a migratory bird.